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“Discover Ramat Gan – The City of Parks in Israel”

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“Discover Ramat Gan – The City of Parks in Israel”

Since its early history, Ramat Gan – or ‘Ramaat Gan’ in Hebrew – has held a deep, special place in Israeli culture. Known as a “city of parks,” Ramat Gan recently celebrated its 100th anniversary this year, but its history dates back even further than that.

Located in the Tel Aviv District in the Gush Dan Metropolitan Area, Ramat Gan is a large city with a population of around 176,800 people. Historically, it was founded as a suburb outside Tel Aviv. It grew to become its own city and was ultimately established in 1922, paving the way for all of the city’s iconic and beloved sights and attractions that we know today.

Whether you’re looking for culture, business, leisure, or something else, Ramat Gan has something for everyone. From its beautiful parks and museums to its booming business center, Ramat Gan is a vibrant and exciting city. Here’s a closer look at all the things that make Ramat Gan one of Israel’s best cities.

Cultural Attractions

Ramat Gan features a variety of cultural attractions, from its historical landmarks to its art galleries. These are some of the most popular places in the city:

Ramat Gan National Park: This is one of the largest parks in Israel and is managed by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority. The park features beautiful green gardens and outdoor activities, such as biking, running, or picnicking. There is also an amphitheater in the park that often hosts concerts, festivals, and performances.

Rothschild Boulevard: Rothschild Boulevard is a must visit in Ramat Gan. This historic street was built in 1906 and is lined with modern cafes, boutiques, and more. The boulevard is also the site of a number of important national events, such as the annual Rabin Memorial ceremony.

Bar Kochba Gardens: This scenic park was named after the 2nd-century Jewish revolt leader, Bar Kochba. It features statues, walkways, a pond, and more. It’s a great place for locals and tourists alike to relax and take in the beauty of Ramat Gan.

Ganei Yehoshua Park: Ganei Yehoshua Park is a large, multi-use park located along the Yarkon River. The park is home to the outdoor Ramat Gan Arena, which hosts concerts and sporting events, as well as a botanical garden.

Business District

Ramat Gan is also home to one of the largest business centers in the country. The city has attracted many international corporations and tech startups, thanks to its modern infrastructure and lively business community. The district is also home to Diamond Exchange, which is the largest diamond exchange in the world.

Shopping & Restaurants

Ramat Gan is a great place for shopping and dining. There are a number of shopping areas in the city, from huge malls to small boutiques. The city also features a variety of restaurants, from gourmet eateries to casual pubs. Some of the most popular spots include the famous ‘Punja’ eatery and the chic ‘LE NORD’ restaurant.


There’s no doubt that Ramat Gan is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Israel. Whether you’re looking for culture, nature, business, shopping, or nightlife, Ramat Gan has something for everyone. It’s no wonder that it has been a popular destination for Israelis and tourists alike for centuries. If you’re ever in Israel, don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore Ramat Gan and discover why it’s a special place for so many.

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